Gram Bharti is a Gandhian voluntary Organization which is working along the concepts of rural reconstruction of Gandhi, Inboard and Jayaprakash Narayan in the most backward and drought prone blocks of JHAJHA, CHAKAI and SONO BLOCKS of jamui district and water logged RAGAIGRAH(BHAPTIYAHI) blocks of supaul district of BIHAR. OUR AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The India of Bapu’s Dreams”(BAPUKESAPNO KA BHARAT) to establish a self dependent, self reliant and autonomous village self rule based on Bhudan (Land Gift ) whish is free from scarcities and well organized people’s power(LOK SHAKTI) Committed to the principles of truth, love, and Compassion of Gandhi, Vinoba and Jayaprakash. And for this , to Establish a non- Exploitative Society free from government on the basis of truth and non-violence and Through those processes make efforts to bring about such changes in value of life Which could Convert selfishness in to public good, material aspirations in to spiritual urge and narrowness in to generosity. This is the main objective of GRAM BHARTI.

Agriculture Growth

India is an agricultural country. The Indian economy is basically agrarian. In spite of economic development and industrialization, agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "India lives in villages and agriculture is the soul of Indian economy". Nearly two-thirds of its population depends directly on agriculture for its livelihood. Agriculture is the main stay of India's economy. It contributes about 26 percent of the gross domestic product. Agriculture meets food requirements of the people and produces several raw materials for industries.From agricultural point of view, India is a unique country.


Aware for modern farming Technique.



Working around fisheries development.



Devloping Bio Compost for healthy soil.

Industrial Development

India does not need to be industrialized in the modern sense of the term. It has 7,50,000 villages scattered over the vast area 1900 miles long 1500 broad. The people are rooted to the soil and the vast majority are living a hand to mouth life. What ever may be said to the contrary, having traveled throughout the length and breath of the land with the eyes open and having mixed with millions are living in enforced idleness for the last four month in a year. Agriculture does not need revolutionary changes.


Leaf Plate

People making plate in village.



Civilian Work for oil Production


Green Gram

Making of Threat for Textile.

Social Awareness

Mahatma Gandhi was a true social worker. There was based of it his constructive works. He did a lot of social works. He fought against evils of society. He told always, if you want to do social work, you start it yourself. He was very worried to poverty of India. His political movements were also a type of social work. You can see it in Champaran, Kheda etc. movements.  Poverty was the main focus of early social work, it is intricately linked with the idea of charity work, but it must now be understood in much broader terms. For instance it is not uncommon for modern social workers to find themselves dealing with the consequences arising from many other 'social problems' such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and discrimination based on age or on physical or mental ability.



Organization working well in several areas.



Social Awareness in villagers.



Organization dig Bell in village.